With over 20 years of experience in corporate training and development, I have the breadth and depth to help you successfully complete any training challenge. I’ve worked on strategic learning projects both locally and on a global scale, including work with Fortune 500 companies.

My goal is to leverage the insights I’ve gained to enable you to reach your business goals. My multi-faceted approach will guide you through a process that uncovers hidden learning opportunities, measures how learning will benefit your business, and creates a customized program for the most effective delivery and results.


Instructional Strategies

Are you applying yesterday’s instructional strategies to today’s business challenges? Teaching methods have a huge impact on learning transfer—and on the bottom line.

I’ll work with you to co-create a contemporary, best fit instructional strategy that is tailored to your specific needs. I can help you employ the right tools at the right time, depending on your situation and your business goals.

Services include:

  • Customized needs assessments
  • Instructional strategy and design
  • Evaluation of the myriad of current learning technologies and selection recommendations
  • Training delivery coaching (train the trainer)
  • Competency modeling.


Knowledge Management

Are you leveraging your knowledge assets effectively? My experience has shown that knowledge within organizations is often trapped and inaccessible. Sometimes this is because the information resides separate databases that are exclusive to individual business units. In many cases, the most valuable knowledge has not yet been extracted from your teams’ most valuable and experienced subject matter experts.

With over 20 years of experience designing and building databases, and having designed and taught train the trainer classes, I can help you quickly capitalize on you organization’s most valuable asset: knowledge.

Services include:

  • Taxonomy analysis and management
  • Link and integrate data between different knowledge centers and business units
  • Subject matter expert (SME) coaching to transform your SMEs into effective trainers
  • Process and technology documentation and standardization

Metrics 2

Learning Metrics

Are your training programs making a positive business impact? I’ll empower you to understand what’s working—and what’s not—by collecting and analyzing relevant metrics to ensure your learning investments are always improving your bottom line.

Services include:

  • Knowledge assessment design, delivery, and reporting
  • Strategies and practices for measuring learning transfer
  • Methods and documentation strategies for assessing learning ROI


Learning Program Management

Do you need to step back and look at your learning programs all up? I’ll help you look at the overall landscape and then work alongside you to  fit all the pieces together and implement smooth-running learning programs that meets your specific business needs.

Services include:

  • Training operations design and implementation
  • Process analysis and improvement
  • Aligning your learning programs to the goals of your business